Dizzy Wright was recently crowned a 2013 XXL Freshmen (by the people's vote, nonetheless), which is sure to make his stock in the rap game rise. However, he's as humble and as hard-working as ever. This is evident on his new track, "Maintain," which offers support for people and their every-day struggles, instead of glamorizing hard times, as rap can do.

We called upon Dizzy Wright and Funk Volume's resident producer and DJ, DJ Hoppa, to talk about the creation of the Joey Bada$$-featured "Maintain." As Dizzy currently works on his new mixtape, he has teased fans with true hip-hop tracks like "Maintain" and "Kill Em Wit Kindness,"  which show his versatility in the rap game. From previous weed-smoking tracks on SmokeOut Conversations to strip club anthems like "Hotel Stripper," Dizzy can do it all, but we found out what his favorite style is in our interview.

Of course, that hip-hop sound on "Maintain" would be nothing without DJ Hoppa. We heard from DJ Hoppa about the track's creation and sample, and dug a little deeper to find out how he linked up with Funk Volume in the first place.

To find out more about "Maintain" directly from Dizzy and Hoppa, click through the images above. If you haven't heard the track in discussion, give it a listen below.