TDE's first lady hasn't released a full-length project since her record-breaking album Ctrl in 2017. SZA's creative process takes some time, and her fans often criticize her hiatuses on socials. She's confessed that she suffers from severe social anxiety and unfortunately, sometimes turns to her keyboard and overshares on Twitter. 

TDE's president Punch caught heat the last time SZA overshared and claimed that her relationship with TDE was "hostile." She retracted her statements shortly after and assured her fans that nobody needed to "free her" from her contract or relationship with her team. Rather, SZA admits that she needs to practice patience when it comes to releasing new music. She told her eager fans that she often jumps the gun and wants to release random songs without a proper roll-out for her album.

So now, SZA uses crystals to find balance and since her TDE rant, shared that she also had Ty Dolla $ign absorb crystals to create her first single since her debut album, "Hit Different."

She promises new music from her next project in early 2021, but before then has a New year's resolution to step into new energy and positivity. SZA wants to be a better person to the people around her and in turn, attract better people to her inner circle.

I think this is one we can all try in 2021. What are your New Year's goals?