SZA's Ctrl album may very well still be on repeat even though it was released last summer. The project as a whole was a big moment for the singer and even after the many successes and congratulations, she still was surprised that people messed with it so much. She recently released the video for the track "Broken Clocks" and more importantly, was one of the few artists selected to jump on Cardi B's debut album for the song "I Do."

The 27-year-old's latest move is her cover appearance for V Magazine's Music Issue. SZA gets interviewed by Jada Smith where she opens up about going on tour and meeting with fans - something she's never done before. 

"In my music, it’s really hard to be super-conscious; I’m in another state of consciousness when I’m making music. But when I’m my most effective, that mode of healing is when I get to perform and see everybody," she told Jada. "I send out and absorb love. Meet-and-greets are a new thing I never got to do before. I meet, like, 200 people before each show. We hug each other and really look at each other. Healing and loving people, I guess that’s me."

The interview leads into SZA talking about getting bullied as a child and says it happened because she's "awkward" and it made it hard for her "to connect with anyone."

"I’m super sensitive, and my mother made me extra sensitive because she’s just so unapologetically loving," she said. "I’ve realized some people don’t hug in their families, or say that they love each other all day. My family tells me they love me all day; I’m hyper-affectionate, laying it on other people, just because it’s what we do in my house. But in the world, that was weird, and it was really difficult to be super sensitive and hyper-open."

Read her full interview here.