A Twitter user claiming she was invited backstage at a Rae Sremmurd concert jumped on the platform to air out some grievances. In a Twitter post intended for the rap duo, the user described a sequence where she was guided backstage only to find the dressing room a complete mess. She then described Swae as generally inoffensive and friendly person, except for a remark he made about her ethnicity.

The fan, going by $omber$mitha on Twitter, then asked Swae "how he wasn't tired?," evoking a sly reaction from Swae. The conversation pettered off soon after. Only later did she recount details of her exchange with a wicked twist:describing Swae Lee as "unattractive" on a public message board.

Incidentally Swae didn't exactly take a liking to those comments. He decided to post a response of his own, returning the favor in fewer steps. He said: "Your ugly and misshappen no one wanted you don't be bitter on twitter." All's well that ends well.


Sometimes a diplomatic solution isn't readily available. Nobody came out looking good in this exchange, but we'll likely forget it ever happened. Unfortunately, the scathing response forced $omber$mitha to suspend her account, only to reappear I would hope?