Summer Walker and London On Da Track aren't shy in the least bit when it comes to displaying their love for each other, but the music-making couple's latest expression of social media PDA was a bit more than we were ever prepared to see. Before we even get into it, take a look below first to see what we mean.

In case you grew up under a rock or had super strict religious parents, what you're looking at in the post above shared by The Shade Room is one of Summer's recent IG Stories that shows her and London's — okay, we can think of a lot of terms to describe this moment, but let's just call it a "post-smashing" session. The sex was apparently so good in fact that he literally yanked her wig off the edges, leaving her with such a satisfying feeling that she had to document it for the whole world to see. "Spent all that money just for him to fuck my shit up," she wrote as a caption on one of the videos, followed by another that simply said "Bitch" (seen above) and another where all she could say about the experience was "Lmao wow." Must be nice!

We won't hate on this one bit, but let us know your answer to this question: when it comes to young love, are some things better left off social media or is this just a prime example of uninhibited passion? Sound off in the comments!