Suge Knight Hit-And-Run Video Footage Surfaces

Rose Lilah
March 09, 2015 10:26

Footage of Suge Knight's hit-and-run has hit the web.

Suge Knight's legal situation isn't showing signs of improvement, especially now that the full video footage from Suge's alleged hit-and-run has surfaced. TMZ obtained the footage, which shows Suge's red truck run over Terry Carter, which proved fatal. We also see Suge's truck clip Cle "Bone" Sloan, who suffered minor injuries as a result.

Be warned, it is graphic content. First, we see Bone approach Suge's window and there's an obvious scuffle between the two. Suge then backs up, clipping Bone with his car and Bone falls to the ground. Then, Terry approaches, and is completely run down by Suge's truck. 

Suge's lawyer claims that Suge wasn't attempting to kill either parties involved, he was attempting to flee because he feared for his own life. The lawyer claims Terry and Bone had guns. After Suge makes a run for it in his car, another man approaches Bone, who is now lying on the ground, and removes something from him that could very well be a gun, before putting it in his own waistband.

Watch the video footage above if you wish, we'll keep you posted on new developments in Suge's case.

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Suge Knight Hit-And-Run Video Footage Surfaces