Soulja Boy's kidnapping case got a whole lot more interesting, with the release of a TMZ-enabled sheriff's report. According to the media outlet, while cops conducted a search at Soulja Boy's private residence to collect evidence over a  kidnapping charge, their patrol cars were vandalized by some miscreants on the outside.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

The full reason cops were there in the first place concerns allegations made by a woman named Kayla. She told police that Soulja Boy tied her up in his garage for 6 whole hours, accusations he vehemently denies. For the record, Kayla and Soulja Boy were a romantic item sometime in the past, for how long, it's hard to ascertain.

When the cops finalized their search and discovered their tires slashed, they cleared their schedules of any interfering police work and opened a felony vandalism investigation right on the spot. It turns out, three patrol cars caught the worst of it, to the tune of $1000 in total damages. While there's no reason to connect Soulja Boy to the slashed tires, the affected police officers inevitably held the rapper for questioning.

According to TMZ, Soulja Boy was every bit cooperative when they got down to business a second time. They did, however, confiscate a few items from Soulja Boy's house which they hope to run through a diagnostic.