It looks like Soulja Boy is all game for his boxing match with youtube star Jake Paul. The two guys have been going back & forth over the past week with talks of fighting for $20 million, and while the numbers and logistics haven't been worked out, Soulja Boy says he's dead serious about making it happen.

TMZ caught Soulja in the streets of LA and asked him again about the fight, which he double down on and said is for real.

"Jake Paul can't beat me in no fight, you know that," Soulja says while smoking his blunt in the middle of the sidewalk. "It's really gonna happen though. It's for real,” he added in a very believable tone.

After talking about his quick hands, Soulja then ended his talk with the cameraman by saying, “Jake Paul, you a bitch.”

However, Jake Paul said from the jump that he’d fight Soulja Boy once the rapper's manager sends him the contract. So it looks like the ball is in Soulja’s court from start, and he's not acting too fast. 

We’ll keep you posted if any contracts or other news comes of this, but Im hoping it does. I think it would be hilariously entertaining. Check out Soulja’s laid back clip (below).