Soulja Boy's comeback is one of the most epic moments of 2019 so far and it keeps getting better. Over the weekend, the rapper got on Instagram Live with YouTuber Jake Paul. The two threw shots at each other before Young Draco said he'd put up a whole lot of money to box Jake Paul. It seems like this might come into fruition since Jake Paul said he's willing to throw up a few Ms to throw hands with Soulja Boy.

Jake Paul and Soulja Boy's boxing match might actually happen. TMZ approached Jake Paul at the airport where the YouTuber said that he's 100% down to fight Soulja Boy in a boxing ring. He even offered $20M to make it happen. While Paul admitted that he did want to actually scrap Soulja, he admitted it's more of a business move than anything else.

"I'm trying to fight him. I know it will blow up," he said. "I don't like some of the stuff he's recently done but it's like, it's more business."

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

When asked what's irritated him about Soulja Boy's antics, he replied, "There's just a lot of controversy around him and I think people would love to see him get knocked out."

"I'm sure people would want to see me get knocked out so I think that's why it would be a big fight," he added.

Soulja Boy already said that he'd put up $20M for the fight. Jake Paul said that he'd be willing to throw up $20M himself but he doesn't think Soulja Boy actually has that much to put up.

"Naw, I don't think he does [have $20 million]," Paul said. "He's always like capping." 

Jake Paul revealed that the fight between him and Soulja Boy will happen once the rapper's manager sends him the contract.