Soulja Boy might not be at the forefront of the rap game these days, but he's found other ways to generate income. In the middle of September, Soulja Boy revealed that he purchased a Subway branch. Unfortunately, it appears as if the management running the joint wasn't as strong as he thought.

Soulja Boy took to Instagram to express his outrage after employees didn't show up to a shift at his Subway branch, ultimately forcing the location to shut down for the day. The rapper shared a video of himself outside of the Subway with a sign that reads, "Closed!!! Due to missing closing shift... Sorry..."

"It's Soulja Boy. What the fuck you mean my Subway is closed today? You see, that's why you can't give young, hood people jobs," he said. "They mess it up. They unprofessional like c'mon bro, we had to close this shit."

While Soulja Boy was likely heading to the location to grab himself a free sub, it seems like he was unsuccessful in his venture. We could only expect that the employee who was scheduled to work the closing shift is likely without a job.

Aside from his Subway, Soula Boy is gearing up to release his new album Young Drako this Friday. He's previously released the single, "Run Up The Bag" in anticipation for the project's release.