Surprise, surprise. Soula Boy is investing his hard-earned Daddy Warbucks on a brand new gaming console, plans he made haphazardly during a live Twitch session. "I'm giving away my new console," he announced. "That's right I'm coming out with own video game console." After which, Soulja Boy resumed his customary child's play, as he finicked with Fortnite's online game settings.

Soulja Boy is basically saying: f#@$% compatibility and licensing, I can go at this alone. But I think it would wise to suspend our excitement until we've given physical evidence that a console exists, or at least a rough stencil. Proprietary consoles or operating systems can take years to build from scratch, think about it.

Soulja has proven in the past a tendency to flake out. Remember the ill-fated boxing with Chris Brown, a grudge match that almost spilled over into sectarian violence? Kidding aside, there are enough games on Steam to tide you over, there's no reason to hold your breath.

But in his defense, Soulja Boy like Lupe Fiasco, has developed an affinity for video game culture many would deem: purely authentic. The better question remains, does Soulja Boy even own the capital to make such a bold prediction/announcement? We'll have to wait and see.