Soulja Boy is currently in the midst of a major comeback. The rapper has been in the game for a decade and his music started to decline a few years after he took off. Last year, it felt as though he released dozens of mixtapes but they just didn't hit as hard as his older material. People are checking for his music in larger numbers now but honestly, fans are more concerned with his social media antics. There is currently a 6ix9ine-sized hole in the trolling community and Young Draco is here to fill it, filming viral videos where he trashes the likes of Tyga, Drake and Kanye West. Now, he might be taking the next step in his renewed internet stardom by popping up next to Blac Chyna.

Chyna has been linked to a few artists in the last year. She was with YBN Almighty Jay for a while before breaking up Swae Lee and his girlfriend for about a week. Then, she moved on with an 18-year-old boxer before hooking up with Kid Buu (or his clone.) Now, it appears as though she's cuddling up to Soulja Boy.

Draco's Instagram has been more active than ever lately but fans couldn't help but notice a few photos of the two together in the club. The most recent shot shows them enjoying a dance together and they got pretty close. Is this enough to call for a couple alert or is Soulja sticking with Nia Riley for the long run?