Snoop Dogg has never been a supporter of Donald Trump's - in fact, he's openly denounced the President and the way in which he continues to lead the United States on numerous occasions. Now, he's taking that Trump hate to the next level by sharing some controversial new cover art for his latest EP Make America Crip Again

Drawing some obvious inspiration from Ice Cube's 1991 album art for Death Certificate, the new image that appeared on Snoop's Instagram page sends an undeniably strong message. Standing over a dead body that is already resting on a gurney, the Doggfather sports a quietly satisfied face as he peers down at the deceased. Draped in an American flag, the corpse's feet jut out from underneath the body's covering, with a label marked "Trump" placed on the big toe of the man's left foot. Snoop seems to almost be raising his glass in the picture, toasting to the death of what many people in the United States are calling the worst candidate ever to take up residence in the White House. You can view the startling image below.

This new Instagram share has created quite a bit of controversy around not only Snoop's political beliefs, but also what exactly he's implying by recalling Ice Cube's similarly angry political statement. Is he subtly asking for someone to take up the job of Presidential assassination? Is he stating that the world would be a better place with Trump dead? Or, is he simply letting us know that, if and when the Donald is no longer the Commander in Chief, he'll be right there with everyone else celebrating, drink in hand. There's also the opinion among the Snoop followers that turned up in the comments section that, at the very least, the rapper is only fanning the flames of American divisiveness, when what's really needed is everyone to come together as a unified force against social and political injustice.

You can stream Make America Crip Again below. Make sure you also let us know what you think of this new cover art from Snoop - does it go too far or no?