Does anybody remember what pop superstar Post Malone looked like before he got his face etched up by a few different tattoo artists? These days, we know the Texas-based recording artist to be the owner of one of the strongest brands in music. He's got a clear image, offering up something easy for kids to imitate on Halloween night and appearing as just enough of an anomaly that regular people, like you and I, are intrigued by his look and demeanor. Before he figured out everything though, Malone went for a little bit of a different approach. His style is loud, boisterous and playful now while, back in the day, he was into more traditional hip-hop-centric drip. In a Flashback Friday post from Snoop Dogg, the artist's tremendous transformation is on full display.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Without adding much of a caption, Uncle Snoop looked back on one of his first experiences with Post Malone, meeting up with the artist at what appears to be a video shoot in a green room. The star is rocking a more casual look than he would be comfortable with today, sporting baggy clothing, a chain, braids, and, most significantly, a lack of face tattoos. The rapper currently has his face filled with different drawings, including barbed wire across his forehead and the words "Always Tired" underneath his eyes.

Which Posty do you prefer? Before or after his tattooed transformation?