On the day he delivered his brand new album From Tha Streets To Tha Suites, Snoop Dogg took a moment to catch up with Ebro, Laura Styles, and Rosenberg at Hot 97. While many topics went on to be covered, one of the most interesting moments arose after Snoop was asked about the late DMX. 

In light of DMX's passing, Laura Stylez asks Snoop about their experience doing Verzuz together. "After the Verzuz was our most memorable moment," reveals Snoop. "DMX loves old school cars and I got about twenty of them. So one night, I'm sitting in the back with cuz in the passenger seat, we're just chopping it up listening to old school music. And if you know anything about DMX, that n***a don't fu*k with no rap." 

Snoop Dogg

 Amy Sussman/Getty Images

"We're playing all this old school music, and it's turning him up," laughs Snoop. "He's singing all the words. He more into it than me. We starting to find out that we're the same dogs. We may have been separated at birth, but we like the same shit, do the same shit. He actually did his whole album at my studio. When we finished Verzuz, he never left. He stayed in L.A, rented my studio out, and did his whole album."

"I cooked for him, I laid it out for him, I made it mi casa su casa," continues Snoop. "That was the best moment. That he felt comfortable enough to do his album at my spot. He didn't leave L.A. until it was done." 

When asked how he deals with the losses he's experienced, Snoop offers a comforting philosophical perspective. "I'm starting to look at life as God let us play around in the jungle, then he takes his angels back home," explains Snoop. "When he decides to give you your wings, you can't be mad at it. You have to decide to celebrate the time you had down here. That's how I look at it now. I always used to be so emotional, crying and sad. Then I started to realize, what did this person do on this Earth while they was here. Did they make me sad or make me happy? If they made me happy, that's the spirit I'm riding with."

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