The NBA Finals are in full swing and as it stands, the Toronto Raptors have a 2-1 lead against the Golden State Warriors with Game 4 going down tonight in Oakland. Despite having the lead in the series, the Warriors are favored to win it all as they've proven in the past that they have the pedigree to do so. A Warriors comeback has been the source of plenty of debate on sports talk television and one of the shows leading the charge in this debate is ESPN's First Take.

The First Take crew played host to legendary rapper Snoop Dogg today and they asked him what he thought about the series and whether or not the Warriors could pull through and win their third-straight title. Snoop was adamant that the Warriors would come out on top and predicted that they would take the title in Game 7 while playing in Toronto.

Snoop was also on the show to talk about his beloved Lakers who have been an absolute disaster over the past few months. The rapper even prayed to the basketball gods so that his team could finally turn themselves around. 

As far as free agency is concerned, Snoop is convinced the Lakers will end up with Anthony Davis who reportedly wants out of New Orleans.

What do you think of Snoop's prediction? Is he right or is he dead wrong?