S.N.L is returning tomorrow night for its first live episode since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, and the show’s 46th season premiere has a lot of ground to cover. It looks like the sketch comedy show will be tackling one of the most pressing developments that has unfolded since the start of the show’s hiatus five months ago: Joe Biden becoming the Democratic nominee for the upcoming presidential election, with senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. 

The show dropped a teaser on their Twitter account last night, featuring Jim Carrey as Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris being portrayed by Maya Rudolph this season. The short clip depicts the two undergoing the necessary hair and makeup required for them to take on their roles, ending with them standing back-to-back as they gaze triumphantly at the camera, already perfectly embodying their characters’ signature mannerisms (the Joe Biden half-smile-smirk, Kamala’s power stance). 

Rudolph, who portrayed Harris on the show earlier on in the race in a spot-on impression, was the natural choice for the role upon Biden announcing the California senator as his Vice President. While Carrey was not necessarily the obvious choice for Biden’s role, he had long been eyeing it. Upon expressing his interest to the show’s creator/producer, Lorne Michaels, Carrey was granted the part and is predicted to deliver on all fronts. 

joe biden kamala harris

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Tune in to the S.N.L  season premiere, which will be hosted by Megan Thee Stallion, tomorrow at 11:30 ET to catch Carrey and Rudolph’s performances as the Democratic party leaders.