Inter-generational beef seems to be en vogue these days, with the nuances of the rivalry generally boiling down to a son explaining mechanics of a first person shooter to his father. The narrative has led to plenty of memorable moments; in short, Kodak Black claiming he's a better lyricist than Jay-Z via meme, the infamous Joe Budden and Lil Yachty tête-à-tête, and most recently, Coolio playing the "favorite uncle" and bestowing some unsolicited advice unto the youth. Another chapter in the long and winding road was written when Waka Flocka seemed to take aim at Smokepurpp and right hand adolescent Lil Pump, dubbing the former a "lame" and the latter an "albino" version of himself.

Today, Smokepurpp has decided to stand up for himself in the name of honor; no glove slaps required for this duel. Smokepurpp recently clapped back via XXL, stating "this n***a had his time, he's thirsting for clout. We have the same 24 hours. Go do what you do, get your bag. I don't know why you hating on a younger n***a."

Purpp seems perplexed as to why Flocka ever initiated the beef, citing a previous meeting on more amicable terms.  “I actually met him before. I pay respect. I told him, ‘I fuck with your shit.’ So for him to come out like five months later and be like, ‘He a lame and if you say something I'm sending my friend.’ How lame does that shit sound?” Hopefully this schoolyard drama can quell before it leads to fisticuffs.