Lil Pump is out here saving lives these days. Literally just days after he stopped his show to help a fan who was having a seizure, the Florida sensation did it again last night while on stage with Smokepurpp. The two were performing when a fan allegedly collapsed from what looks to be from dehydration and the two Florida rappers stopped the show to assist with the man’s health.

The clip that surfaced online Tuesday night shows Purpp genuinely concerned for the kid’s well being and was searching for water, before quickly finding some and handing it over to the kid on the side of the stage after he was carried out of the crowd by security. 

The coincidence of this happening just days apart for Pump's incident has made some people actually question whether or not this is a publicity stunt to possibly better their image, especially following the context of Pump’s new single “Drug Addicts.” One person wrote in the comments of Akademik’s page that this was “staged,” while another said “Lil Pump paying fans to faint . Major care clout.” There were a ton of other people saying this about to become a trend now, but I really hope not, and I'm not going to believe that this was staged.

Check out the clip for yourself below and browse the comments to see the savagery being displayed (but then again it is Akademiks’ page were talking about).