If you came up during the early millennium, there's a strong chance that you're well acquainted with the glory days of Scott Storch. The producer's rise and fall have been well documented, but his hits will forever remain timeless. Fat Joe's "Lean Back," Chris Brown's "Run It," Big Boi's "Shutterbug," Busta Rhymes "I'll Hurt You," and countless more. Let's not forget his fruitful run as Dr. Dre's right hand man, contributing to "Still Dre," G-Unit's "Poppin Them Thangs," and Eve's "Let Me Blow Ya Mind." Unfortunately for Storch, Hollywood got the better of him, and the producer ended up struggling with both drug problems and legal woes.

Fast forward to 2018. Scott Storch is in the middle of a comeback, and the once mighty producer has been proving time and time again he hasn't quite lost the magic. While his work with Berner and Russ hasn't quite recaptured the Storch of yore, every once in a while, he comes through with some fire on his Instagram page. Today is one such day, and luckily for the emcees out there, he's feeling generous. Positioned next to the homie Berner, Storch performs a menacing, string-driven beat in real time - it's reminiscent of the aforementioned "I'll Hurt You," only more ominous. 

"When I’m on I’m unstoppable," captions Storch, who is most certainly on. "Who should this beat go to ???" While many rappers could probably body the instrumental, there's something undeniably evocative of the Shady / Aftermath era; Eminem, 50 Cent, or both would almost certainly go in. Lil Wayne would also be a prime contender, as he's basically murdering everything he touches of late. Who do ya'll think would do this banger justice?