While Scott Storch may have had a few rough years battling an addiction to cocaine, he is currently two years sober. Now, he's easing himself back into the music game, once again establishing himself as a go-to, A-list producer. Having made his peace with former musical partner Dr. Dre, Storch has recently worked with Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Big Boi, and in an interview with Billboard, the piano man drops quite a teaser about his future endeavors. 

"There’s some really big [songs] that I can’t talk about. I’m talking about [a song with] one of the biggest rappers in New York. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, but I got some stuff coming."

Sounds promising, and we're sure as hell rooting for Storch. Dude has had legions of hits, and his musical aptitude has helped shape many of Dre's finest beats. As far as his comments, however, all we can do is speculate. Still both Jay Z and Nas are thought to be recording albums this year...

Check out the full interview over at Billboard, and check this post that proves Storch hasn't lost his touch.