ScHoolboy Q's fans are subject to humiliation at his concerts but only if they get under the rapper's skin. Such is the case during a recent show in Germany when a concertgoer yelled, "B***h, be quiet," to the crowd. It appeared to be fairly quiet already with Q being zoned in on what his next move was. Unfortunately, the disturbance knocked Q of his game for a moment but it prompted what could be one of the funniest ScHoolboy Q moments ever. 

schoolboy q fan troll clapback crash tour
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

"That's why I f*cked your momma last night," he told the audience member to an eruption of applause. "Your old ass momma. The old one, the old momma you got," he added. "I bent her over and I fucked your momma like this," he continued as he did a thrusting position to make his point abundantly clear that he indeed f*cked the person's mother. "Shut the f**k up."

It appears that the majority of the European leg of his tour has gone smoothly. He kicked it off in Dublin on Jan. 24th before concluding the tour in Feb. 22 in Moscow. Even though the tour will conclude, it seems like he has another album in the cut right now. The rapper announced during his show in London last month that he'll be dropping a new album this year. We'll see if he keeps his word.