ScHoolboy Q may be from the west coast, but like many rappers these days, his influences are varied. The TDE rapper spoke with BRealTV about the assumption that he only pulls from artists from his region, and his position on the greatest rapper of all time.

“I was inspired by a lot of East Coast rappers, from Mobb Deep, Biggie, even 50 Cent,” said Q, revealing that he feels some of the greatest rappers ever hail from NY. “Nas is my favorite rapper. I also think Jay Z is the best rapper to ever rap, just because he’s at his age and what he’s doing and he still is relevant. He’s been doing it for years and [he’s] consistent. You like his album or not. The people liked it. I didn’t like everything Jay Z did. The majority of the people liked it, so that’s consistency.”

Q then explained that New York rap was the first music he got into, but made sure to stress that he still rides for west coast artists as well.

“Everybody just expect me to say ‘Pac, Dogg Pound, everybody else,” he said. “Cypress. It’s nothing against nobody from the Coast. I was just in the car as a kid coming up in the car with somebody who listened to East Coast music. My older cousin, all he would listen to was like East Coast stuff, like Nas and all them, so I had to get into that. I got into that first before I actually got into the other stuff.

Watch the full interview below.