When it comes to the Coronavirus-imposed quarantine, there have been numerous strategies that people have been employing in order to cope with everything that has been going on. Some people have gotten into brand new TV shows while others have looked towards new hobbies such as playing instruments and maybe even video games. At this point, there really is no telling when this is all going to end and it's been a really hard time for everyone.

However, through the darkness, Saweetie has been able to have fun and take advantage of the warmer months that are upon us. Taking to Instagram, Saweetie announced that she has a new collection of clothes coming for all of the ladies out there who need to look cute during quarantine, regardless of their situation. In the post below, Saweetie also calms her boredom by twerking on a car with a mask on. With the post, Saweetie shows us that even in twerking, it's important to stay safe.


Musically, Saweetie hasn't dropped off new music in a while but fans are anxiously awaiting her next drop which will hopefully happen soon. Saweetie has cemented herself as an artist that people are waiting to hear from, and we can't wait to see what she gives us next.