Sandra Bland's shocking death has left both her family and the public yearning for concrete answers that can elucidate the actions and motives behind her untimely passing. A new HBO documentary titled Say Her Name: The Death and Life of Sandra Bland will examine her imprisonment and suicide, which many believe to be a police fabrication to cloak a more sinister truth. 

The project will see its debut during next week's Tribeca Film Festival, and will premiere on HBO later this year. The film is helmed by Kate Davis and David Heilbroner, whose 2017 film Traffic Stop, which analyzes persistent police brutality in America, was nominated for an 2018 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject. 

A clip has surfaced online in advance of the film's premiere, and it features Bland's mother Geneva Reed-Veal and her two siblings pondering some pressing thoughts upon viewing video footage that was intended to demystify any qualms surrounding her daughter's death. "The video that we viewed when we went down [to Texas], it was only for the morning of Monday, July 13. There are no time stamps, there are no dates. Her cell was all the way at the back corner. She was in cell 95. The way they choose to phrase it is, ‘Where she was did not have cameras," posits Shavon, Bland's sister. "I think that’d be strange. Then how are you monitoring your inmates?" Sharon Cooper, Bland's other sister, similarly questions "why was she in a cell by herself?" 

Click here for the exclusive clip in anticipation of this forthcoming feature.