Just yesterday, we reported that DJ Spinderella was suing her groupmates of nearly 35 years, on claims of trademark infringement, fraud and breach of contract. She claimed that Salt-N-Pepa were continuing to use her to promote their performances, despite the fact  that she only recently opened up about her "termination" from the group, and explained that she would "not be performing on the #NKOTB Mixtape Tour." She also claimed to have not seen a dime out of the $600k royalties that had reportedly received in the past decade, and not been given any compensation for her guest appearance on the VH1 TV show centered around the group's rise to stardom , despite being promised a third of the cut. Now however, Sal and Pepa have reportedly fired back, claiming that she doesn't have her facts right, and is in fact, just suing them because of her own insecurities about feeling left out from the group.

Sources connected with the group have come forward to talk to TMZ, that she has "felt like a third wheel" ever since VH1s 2007 Salt-N-Pepa show, where she was only featured as a guest. However, sources say that the contract doesn't actually specify that Spin is entitled to any royalties (including the $125k she says she's owed from the 1999 Best of album). They alleged that she was always paid as an independent contractor, and that the duo still made sure she always got "the finest accommodations" to go along with her paycheck. In regards to the show, sources claim that it was, in fact, the TV producers who limited her involvement, meaning it was out of Salt and Pepa's hands. They detailed that they thought Spin was just petty about the fact that talk shows regularly only request the two leading ladies for interviews. Finally, the sources explained that the Salt-N-Pepa brand is owned by Salt and Pepa, and not Spinderella, meaning that her "trademark infringement" claims hold no base, adding that the duo "haven't used her name or likeness once since her departure from the group." What do y'all think?