You read it right, folks. Brian Daniel Carenard, AKA New York emcee Saigon, is in the process of shooting an independent "mini-movie" titled SP, starring Omar Epps and fellow NYC spitter Papoose. The Suburban Noize Records / Fort Knocks Ent. artist is excited about the project, to say the least. 

"On the set of MY new film.... These guys are truly professional. @omarepps @papoosepapoose OH and those big guns U see are movie props.... I repeat, to the online Hip Hop cops... WERE SHOOTING A MOVIE," read a caption under one of his recent Instagram posts. "This shit is BEYOND lit... I didn't know I could act this good.... Classic shit... Theatre near U soon. SP #hiphopmyway" read another.

Saigon clearly has no problem appearing in front of the camera outside of music videos, seeing as he made his debut television appearance on the reality relationship series Love & Hip Hop last year. 

"In my art, I've always exposed my life to people," Saigon told MTV while discussing the appearance. "It's almost like Eminem, for instance. When Eminem came out, we knew he didn't like his baby's mother. We knew he hated his mother. We knew his daughter's name was Hailey. We knew so much about his personal life without him being on a reality show. His music was almost a reality show. That made us feel like we knew him more than had he just been a dope rapper. It kind of made you feel like, 'I like this kid because I can almost identify with what he's going through.' I don't have Interscope Records. I don't have a major label. Me being independent, this is perfect for me because I've been putting my life out there. It's just that nobody was listening."  

That's all the information we have for now, other than the fact that Saigon co-wrote the script for the film.

Who's looking forward to this? 

Peep two BTS clips from Saigon's Instagram account below, and stills from the latest shoot in the gallery above.