The rape case allegations involving Russell Simmons and a Jane Doe are still ongoing despite Russell's attempts to get the case dropped, arguing that there were no specific dates. The former Def Jam CEO has now been forced to respond to the case where he uses the #MeToo movement to defend himself against the 1998 allegations. 

According to The Blast, Russell's documents explain how he is a well-known activist who “fully embraces the #MeToo movement” and the “critical importance of creating safe spaces for women to thrive and lead in every facet of our society.”

He also claims that  “with every great revolution there has been collateral damage. In this movement, this includes Mr. Simmons’ well-publicized life as a celebrity bachelor being the target of outrageous false tabloid-fodder allegations contradicted by facts and the law.”

Russell continues to deny all the allegations, calling out Jane Doe for creating an outrageous lie to gain media attention in hopes of being paid to make the story disappear. Russell is still trying to get the case dropped despite its proceeding.  

 Andrew Toth/Getty Images 

A representative for Russell told the publication: “These allegations are made up of whole cloth. This ruling simply allows her to file her complaint. We will be filing a motion for sanctions against her and her lawyer for bringing such a frivolous suit.”

The total number of alleged victims who claim Russell forced himself on them have now reached over a dozen.