There are millions of people still trying to figure out how they are going to stretch their finances from month to month, but a select few are bringing in the bank over on OnlyFans. People—celebrities and non-celebrities alike—have signed up for the website and have boasted about how much money they've been raking in, including couples like Safaree Samuels and wife Erica Mena. Rubi Rose recently added her name to the growing list of famous figures who are using OnlyFans to make a little money on the side, and she shared screenshots to show that she was able to pull $22K on her first day.

Rubi Rose took to her Twitter account to encourage other women to run up their bank accounts however they see fit, regardless of the criticism. "Men get paid higher than women in almost every field of work. Onlyfans gave females a platform to capitalize off what god gave em. idgaf what a n*gga gotta say... run it up queen... It’s sexy as f*ck when a b*tch about her money."

She then shared a few sexy selfies with the caption, "My pockets staying PHAT just like my ass be." Be honest, have you subscribed to any OnlyFans accounts during quarantine?