The world is in a strange place and in the midst of a global pandemic, OnlyFans became a go-to platform for a lot of people to bring in some cash. It initially started off as a thing for adult film stars before opening the doors for essentially everyone else to get into the game. Needless to say, it has blown up entirely.

Since the pandemic began, they've extended into the world of music with several well-known artists joining the platform. Some have used it for the purposes they're meant to be used for while it appears others are using it to create an even more personal relationship with their fans. Swae Lee, for example, is doing alright in life but with a new single out, the rapper hit the 'Gram tor reveal that he's launched an OnlyFans account and the subscriptions have apparently been going crazy. 

"Let's go!" he said in a video posted to Instagram. "Follow it up. We got some crazy shit comin' tonight, man. Keep followin'. My shit ringing off the mothafuckin' hook, man.. Swipe up. Subscribe, man. I'm tellin' you. This is for life. For lifers. I'm givin' y'all all the exclusive shit, man."

Swae Lee's getting ready to release his new single, "Reality Check" on Thursday. Check out his Instagram post below.