Today, hip-hop mourns the passing of the Infamous one, Prodigy. As half of Mobb Deep, he and Havoc helped carve out their corner of the New York sound, infusing dark, gritty beats with visceral street poetry. While it wasn't always pretty, Prodigy never shied away from his reality - in fact, he reveled in it, allowing us to live vicariously through something many will never understand. Throughout his career, Prodigy's presence dominated one classic track after another, establishing himself as one of the game's most respected. 

One only needs to examine the reaction to his passing to see how much he'll be missed. While the hip-hop community mourns, take solace in the fact that his legacy remains immortalized by his music. On that note, here are ten of his finest moments for you to bump in his honor. Rest in peace Prodigy.  

Shook Ones Pt. II

The Learning (Burn)

Quiet Storm

Outta Control Remix ft. 50 Cent

Drink Away The Pain ft. Q-Tip

Up North Trip

Survival Of The Fittest

Power Rap

Apostle's Warning

Drop A Gem On Em'