Social media is a place where misinformation can spread like wildfire. If you're not careful, you can get caught up in this misinformation which will ultimately lead to a lot of frustration with the platform. Misinformation has mostly been a problem when it comes to the political sphere but when it comes to the entertainment and music worlds, it seems as though no one is safe from stupid hoaxes.

In fact, Drake seemed to be the latest target of a social media hoax on Saturday night as #RIPDrake began to trend on social media. At the time, it seemed as though there was no real reason for the trend, but as you can imagine, many were worried about Drake's condition. In the end, a Twitter user named @0rnis took responsibility saying the hashtag was an inside joke between friends that blew up into something they didn't foresee.

Despite the admission of guilt, numerous Twitter users remained oblivious to the explanation and continued to give their reactions on the platform. One user even went full tilt saying "I AM FINNA COME AFTER WHOEVER STARTED THIS HASHTAG, #RIPDrake !!!!! STOP PLAYING WITH MY EMOTIONS B***HES!!!!!!! I REBUKE THIS HASHTAG IN JESUS’S NAME!!!!!!” 

Others were disgusted that someone would start such a hashtag in the first place, all while users looked for their own answers. Thankfully, Drake is doing just fine and this whole saga has been explained. In the meantime, check out what people had to say, below.