While the internet is a place that has led to a lot of good in the world, it can also be a dark place with misinformation spreading like wildfire. Trolls have infiltrated numerous websites and whenever they get the bright idea to attack, it can lead to some pretty awful results, especially if you're not expecting the trolls to hit you in a vulnerable moment.

YK Osiris experienced this first-hand over the weekend while he was on Instagram Live with a woman. While the two were talking, trolls decided to join the Livestream and spam "RIP Lil Uzi." After a while, Osiris saw the messages begin to pour and his demeanor completely changed as he went from happy to visibly shaken up in a matter of second. That's when Osiris immediately ended his Livestream in order to get some better information.

Shortly after ending the Livestream, we're sure Osiris found out Uzi was safe and sound, especially given the artist has been in the news this weekend for sharing an old photo of himself and JT from the City Girls.

The trolls have seemingly been everywhere this weekend, for instance, Tory Lanez was subjected to a prank call during his latest episode of Quarantine Radio.

Needless to say, artists are going to have to be careful with the steady flow of misinformation, moving forward.