Rihanna skipped out on the Met Gala this year and now it all makes sense since she's apparently residing in London. The "Work" singer recently launched her first luxury brand and it seems like living on that side of the pond is best for her. The news broke after the singer was interviewed by The New York Times and was asked what she appreciated most about living in the city. 

 Francois Nel/Getty Images

Rihanna detailed how she loves being able to walk "around the block" without being recognized but she always tries to be incognito. Needless to say, fans living in London are all kinds of happy that Rihanna is calling their city home. 

"I live 10 minutes away from Rihanna’s house and you think you can talk to me like we’re mates. My price has officially gone up, ya’ll niggas are BROKE. Unless you live next to Beyonce, don’t talk to me pls... South London bums," one user wrote, while another added: "rihanna just been living in london for 2 years and getting away with it lmao."

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