Like a solitary stone tumbling down a mountainside can trigger a rockslide, so too can one simple album announcement. After Drake informed the world that Scorpion season was approaching, J Cole followed suit with his own surprise album announcement. Perhaps the sentiment is contagious; after all, these high profile artists are a competitive lot. Never to be outdone. And let's be honest. Rihanna is never one to be outdone. In the wake of the homie Drake's announcement, Rihanna took to Instagram to share a mysterious post, alongside an equally mysterious caption.

"Didn’t they tell u?" writes Rihanna, alongside what could very well be album artwork. In the image, two televisions stack atop one another; one revealing static, the other revealing something unclear. It might be an ass. It might be breasts. It might be something completely different, designed strictly to weed out those with perverse minds. However, where Rihanna is concerned, you're never far from sensuality.

Her fan-base wasted little time in putting on their detective hats, deducing that new music must be on the horizon. After all, what else could the picture be? It certainly looks like an album cover, and "Didn't they tell u" is as good a title as any. I suppose we'll have to play the waiting game; after all, being direct is a foreign concept to these elite types.