Snow is falling, Christmas trees are being installed, and Rihanna is posting a bunch of lingerie photos. The holidays sure are a great time. For the last few weeks, RiRi has been boosting traffic to her website as she promotes her lingerie line through her social outlets, letting everybody know of the various deals she's offering. The first upload was surprising as Meek Mill and Chris Brown were both baited into leaving comments but the follow-ups are becoming more of a regular thing. Rihanna has never been shy about showing some skin but there are a lot of happy people in the world right now because of her recent Instagram activity.

The latest addition to her growing series is from the same blue lingerie shoot as earlier in the week. They took enough photos for Rih to use throughout the week, it seems. Once again, she wears a large blue headwear piece, pairing the colors with her lace get-up. Her gold jewelry dangles on her wrist as, for another time this week, she's causing people to stop dead in their tracks as they scroll through their feed. 

Since this is becoming a trend with the majority of her last six posts being lingerie shots, we're assuming she's still entirely focused on growing her intimates brand. Music will eventually come - hopefully in the new year - but for now, at least she's dropping content to keep her fans entertained.