Rihanna's lastest Vogue magazine cover has already found the pop superstar opening up about all sorts of topics, most notably her now nonexistent relationship with Drake. However, Rihanna also revealed a highly surprising piece of information about the direction her next album will be taking: a genre switch to reggae in the style of Bob Marley. 

This news probably isn't too shocking considering Rihanna's past music. Originally hailing from Barbados, her songs have always carried with them a major island influence, and her recent smash singles, "Work" and "One Dance," can both find their origins directly in dancehall and reggaeton music.

While the details on the upcoming album are still scarce, the interviewer does mention one potential collaborator, Supa Dups, a Jamaican record producer who has worked with artists such as Sean Paul. Given that, we might still get some poppier vibes from Rihanna's next record.

Marley is an important influence on Rihanna (she reportedly once housed a shrine dedicated to him), and she lists her favorite songs from the legendary artist. While she admits her tastes are very tourist-like, she mentions "Redemption Song," No Woman, No Cry," and "Three Little Birds" as standouts. It's also written that Marley's track "Buffalo Soldier" resonates with Rihanna on a personal level, due to her own experience moving from Barbados to the States after being discovered at the age of 16.

How do you feel about Rihanna's genre switch up? Are you excited for the new Rihanna, or do you just want more pop bangers?