Rico Nasty's career is skyrocketing so you gotta commend her for simultaneously fulfilling all her motherly duties. On Friday, she had a show at The Grenada Theatre in Lawrence, KS, but she wasn't going to let that interfere with her son's birthday celebrations. 

At the concert, she brought her four-year-old boy, Cam, onstage for a mini Spiderman-inspired set. Cam must be a big Spidey fan - as most four-year-old boys tend to be - because he came out with a Spiderman mask and action figure. Rico even played Swae Lee and Post Malone's "Sunflower" from the Spider-Man: Homecoming soundtrack, which she referred to in an IG post as "our spidey song." Cam was understandably a bit shy and didn't sing along as much as his mom did, but he has a heart-melting smile on his face the whole time. 


Rico posted a video of the adorable mother-son moment with the caption: "From Batman to spider man omg I love you to pieces . I love watching you grow and evolve . I love watching you try new things over and over until you get it !! You’re the best thing to ever happen to me . And I’m just happy we could perform our spidey Song 😂😂❤️ happy birthday booksi (it’s not really his birthday yet but we celebrating ALL WEEK)."

Rico is featured on Take A Day Trip's newly-released track, "Lighthouse". Take a listen here