Rico Nasty has been makin the rounds as support on Playboi Carti's most recent Narcissist King Vamp tour. With both artists being known for their "raging" qualities, for lack of a better word, it's no surprise that fans can get unruly during their shows. At a recent stop, however, that unruliness turned into straight disrespect in one of its more common forms as a concertgoer reportedly threw a bottle at Rico while performing.

Now, we've seen different artists take different approaches to such matters, ranging from disregard to stop a show altogether to fin the culprit. Rico chose to lean toward the latter of the two this time around.


"Who, b*tch? Be specific [...] who was it? Who the f-ck was it? Who the f-ck was it? Where they going? Somebody come get this," Rico yells over the mic before she is seen hopping off stage and lunging into the crowd.

The moment seemed to be a final straw for Rico, whose run on tour has been particularly plagued by Carti's legion of fans, who have been blatantly disrespecting the rapper during her sets. She took to Twitter to accuse the fans of being a "Anti Black ass crowd" among other statements that expressed her frustration with the tour.