Paris Hilton was once known as the world's most famous socialite. She led a group of celebrities famous for partying and looking good, beginning the entire reality TV craze. She's been overtaken by Kim Kardashian and her entire family but Paris is truly the OG. While we don't see her around as often as we used to, she's likely got bank accounts larger than all of us combined. After all, the Hilton name is still all over the place. Paris pops up here and there and last night, she posted up with Rick Ross and French Montana to take a quick photo.

The notorious TV star was attending a party last night with French and Rozay and the trio decided to take a selfie to remember the moment. Ross is rocking a FILA-inspired Fendi get-up while French dons a flashy yellow peacoat. Paris' outfit is highlighted by her diamond choker as she shines a light on her for the best possible photo. Rozay seems to believe that the socialite was smitten with him, noting in the caption that "She see the money in my eyes." Do you think we'll ever see Ricky and Paris as a couple?

Check out the photo below.