Rick Ross is getting ready to release his new album, Mastermind, on December 17th, and he's certainly confident in the project. The MMG leader had some big statements about the upcoming project, as well as his single with Jay Z, which is set to drop any day now, in his interview with The Breakfast Club.

"This will be the biggest impactful album I've released," said Rozay. "It's just the music that's coming together, man. I was in the studio last night, and I was just listening to records. We was just playing songs back and forth. And this one right here is most definitely a masterpiece."

The bawse also expressed excitement for his forthcoming single. "This record right here is a big record, you know what I'm saying." he said of the collaboration with Jay Z. "We gonna release this next record, that we feel like the streets-- you know it's only right. They deserve that," he added. "This me and Jay's biggest collab." 

Ross then revealed that another one of his tracks with Hov would be getting the video treatment. "Me and Jay will be shooting a video to 'FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt'. We'll do that real soon. We're supposed to be going somewhere out the country."

He then went on to explain how that record came together. "We in the studio, and Jay playing me his album," he began. "At the end of the session, I just ain't here that southern one. He's like 'Homie, that's why I brought you in here'." Ross then explained that the UGK sample at the beginning of the track was a callback to Jay's biggest southern record to date. "I haven't felt that [southern style from you] since "Big Pimpin'," he explained to Jay. "That's why you hear Pimp C at the top of the record. Just to salute the OG, and rekindle that feeling."

Rozay then briefly spoke about his talks with Nipsey Hussle, who he almost signed to MMG. "He had his own vision, It feel good watching dude execute his play," said Ross, who revealed Nipsey decided to go his own route in the end. "He decided this was his best move. Like I told him; 'It sounds powerful. It sounds strong'."

Watch the full interview below.