Remy Ma committed a faux-pas in the eyes of the Twitterverse for plausibly denyingR. Kelly's sexual assault allegations. She made her feelings known on a recent episode of the REVOLT series State of the Culture, co-hosted by Joe Budden, and hers truly. 

Remy's line of questioning revolved around the notion of consent. Her argument: "Rapists are only there for their pleasure and do not eat a** to give the woman pleasure, therefore, the act between R Kelly and those girls wasn’t rape but consensual sex."

Remy Ma has no "personal insight" into any of those scenarios, let alone a psychological understanding of the women implicated in R. Kelly's affairs (often times underage or on the margin of acceptability. Remy's argument hinges on the idea that "pleasure" and "consent" are mutually exclusive, which we know is certainly an oversimplification of interpersonal relationships, within the context of "communication."

Understandably, Twitter had a field day with Remy Ma's running commentary. This is possibly the second time in as many weeks Remy Ma may have been better served putting her foot in her mouth, so to speak. The last time "Twitter" deemed her "out of line" was her invitation for Non-White people to use the N-Word at their own discretion.