Parole completed. Assault case dismissed. New album on the way. Love & Hip Hop New York star Remy Ma is enjoying her hip hop family life with Papoose and their Golden Child, and it looks as if the drama of her past is in her rearview. Now that she is no longer facing jail time over her former co-star Brittney Taylor's accusations of assault, Remy is openly speaking about the case that nearly sent her back to prison.

Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

"The case was totally dismissed, totally. Get it out of my courtroom," Remy said to an applauding The Wendy Williams Show audience. "I don't wanna say her name because she might try to sue me for 'deformation.'" Remy was, of course, making fun of Brittney misspelling the word "defamation" when she previously threatened to take Remy to court once again. "That's how she spelled it."

"I just feel like, a lotta times when you're in the public eye, there's a target on you," Remy said. "Anything you say, anything you do. Everyone's looking for a quick dollar." The rapper added that even when she's walking down the street with her friends, she hears strangers say they should pretend to fall and hurt themselves so they can sue her. She added that she's happy that the District Attorney's office investigated Taylor's allegations and decided not to move forward.

"I think she has her own problems with herself," said Remy. "I don't' think it's specific with me because I didn't do anything to the girl. That's what she's doing. I have bigger and better things going on than to worry about [her]." Remy talked about what life was like on parole and how her ankle bracelet left permanent scars on her leg. To cover them up, she got her husband Papoose's name tattooed on the same spot. "He's going to be my husband forever, so it's not one of those things I'm going to regret, " she said.

When discussing her forthcoming album, Wendy told Remy that she wanted to see collaborations with women in rap like Foxy Brown and Lil Kim. The pint-sized Brooklyn emcee is a friend and favorite of Remys, but she made it clear that she and Foxy aren't on good terms. Remy is open to collaborating with ladies in hip hop, but sometimes the outside voices try to pit women against each other. Watch her clip in full below.