It's been an excruciatingly painful few months for the rapper who was on the rise just a few months ago before he fell ill to an unknown illness. River had been fighting extreme symptoms that were leaving him with extreme sensitivity to light, nausea and even paralysis. After being told it was mental illness more than a handful of times by plenty of doctors, Rivers was almost ready to give up. 

He reached out on social media by describing the symptoms that seemed scarily painful and hard to diagnose. Undoubtedly he was also left hanging by the system who failed to pay enough attention, and listen to the rapper when he made pleas that this was not just something in his head. You can read the full thread here.

Finally his team announced just days ago on Instagram, "after a lot of pushing, a neurologist was able to find it. Paraspinal pain, severe anemia, a dislocated jaw joint but most importantly intracranial hypertension. His brain has been sagging in his head for 40 days.