Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly has shaken the entire nation. Although we've known for years that Kelly was a sexual predator, the latest docuseries has reinstigated the conversation. Now that investigations, law enforcement, and prosecutors are rallying to take down Kelly for good, several of those who worked alongside the legendary R&B artist are speaking out. Several celebrities have come forward to apologize for ignoring or making light of the situation for years, and KeKe Palmer is the latest to slam Kells. 

 Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"Just finished Surviving R. Kelly and I have spent the last hour crying," wrote KeKe in a lengthy Instagram post of a black screen. "As a student of R. Kelly’s for the time I was and having been around his light and understanding the obstacles he overcame as a child to actually be birthed into the musical genius he is today," she continued. Although it sounds like she is defending Kells, her post gets darker from there. "To put others through the same darkness he was running from is the most disheartening thing to accept," KeKe revealed. "I will stand by my sisters because that’s simply what’s right and what I hope discontinues this behavior in anyone. We have to be good to each other, not all of us accept the light but those of us that do must be responsible!" Check out her entire statement below.