Federal prosecutors are making sure that this time around, R. Kelly's punished for his alleged sex crimes. The singer found himself in some hot water this year ever since the debut of Surviving R. Kelly. Allegations of sexual misconduct have been rampant throughout his career but with testimonies from his alleged victims, it became hard not to believe the Kells isn't guilty. Now, he's facing federal charges for child pornography and engaging in sex acts with minors but it appears that the prosecutors will also be going after his associates. 

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

According to Associated Press, the prosecutor, Angel Krull, told the federal judge in Chicago that two more of the singer's associates could be charged in a new indictment that'll replace the first indictment. Additionally, Kelly might be facing even more charges on top of the ones he was already hit with. Krull also made requests to keep evidence and information kept under wraps to the public. Krull asked for a protective order on the evidence as well as an order to keep Kelly's lawyers from speaking about the case publicly, especially since Kelly's fans have been allegedly harassing witnesses. However, Kelly's lawyer Steve Greenberg replied to the order, saying it was constrictive.

In other news, Lifetime announced that a follow-up to Surviving R. Kelly is currently in development. The new docuseries is set to explore the aftermath of Surviving R. Kelly.