While many rappers are fantastic melodists, especially in this modern age, few possess the genuine ability to play an instrument. Of course, there are some exceptions -- Anderson .Paak can get busy on both the mic and the drumkit, and both Machine Gun Kelly and the late Mac Miller were quite capable at playing guitar. Olu from EarthGang has also been putting the work on the musicality end, a decision that has paid dividends in his production. For the most part, however, rappers tend to concentrate on other elements. 

Quavo Post Malone

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

That's not to say they never dabble, however. Case in point, Quavo recently uploaded a clip onto his Instagram page, one that appears to stem from a recent studio session with "Congratulations" collaborator Post Malone. And while it's unclear as to what they were cooking up, the video does provide a look at Quavo trying his hand at the piano. Though his technique is rudimentary, he does exhibit some decent instincts for melody and harmony, unsurprising given how solid he is vocally in that department. 

"Huncho On The Keys, Posty In The Booth," he captions, leaving much to the imagination. "Soon...." On that note, it could be set to appear on the next Post Malone album, though it's unclear as to whether Quavo's piano contributions will remain. Either way, it's still cool to see him trying something new -- in reality, more rappers could probably benefit from getting in touch with an instrument or two. Check it out below.