Quavo jumped back into the fray in a major way this week. He dropped three singles, he ran his mouth on Twitter, basically showing us the gamesmanship he'd been perpetuating for much of 2017. Quavo wasn't satisfied with the resulting product, he wanted more. For that reason, Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho with Travis Scott is particularly interesting, because of a little process they like to call alchemy: two metals one bonding surface. If Travis & Quavo did another Huncho project, what would you ask in return: continuity or some new alteration?

Quavo got music fans rumbling after he posted this here message on Twitter: "Jus had A Good Wit Talk AstroBoy La Flame." Resident Tweeters began speculating on the nature of the post, the comment section thus becoming a virtual review form for the pair's first album. Quavo's work on Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho is markedly different than singles like "Bubble Gum," "Lamb Talk," and "Workin Me," that display his softer side. He is never-the-less capable of a U-Turn at a moment's notice you would rationally think?

On the other hand, Travis Scott's Astroworld continues to gain traction, a week into the action. Does a second Huncho project excite you as a rap fan? Quavo is modular enough to pick his next mandate, so keep it locked.