Quavo and Kendrick Perkins have been embroiled in an extremely random beef for a while now, and it all stems from a random lyric in which Quavo said "get no playing time, Kendrick Perkins." As soon as the lyric went viral, Kendrick Perkins got pretty offended by it and it is easy to see why. As a member of the basketball media, Perkins has been roasted by fans and fellow players, and by all accounts, it seemed like Quavo's lyric was the last straw.

During Migos' performance at the Floyd Mayweather fight, Perkins made a derogatory comment about Quavo's ability to write bars, which led to a combative response from Quavo, who was not appreciative of what Perkins had to say.

With this beef reaching a very public climax, ESPN's First Take decided to have Quavo on the show today where they had him hash things out with Perkins. As you will see in the clip below, it was mostly Perkins who did all of the talking as he tried to explain all of his bonafides to Quavo. Meanwhile, the Migos frontman continued to laugh during the whole exchange as he found Perkins' passion to be amusing.

Overall, it wasn't a very productive conversation and Quavo was quick to remind Perkins that he wasn't exactly a superstar player. By the end of the segment, both men came to the conclusion that it's all jokes and there is no real animosity between them.

As for Culture III, it remains to be seen whether or not this beef actually moves the needle when it comes to album sales.