In the social media age, artists are finding new ways to reach mass audiences without the help of management or record label deals. However, while some may argue that radio is outdated now that unknown artists about becoming social media stars, it's still a highly sought after market for musicians—newcomers and established artists, alike. At REVOLT Media's recent "Hip Hop Summit" in Atlanta, Quality Control Music co-founder Kevin "Coach K" Lee dropped some knowledge on how much it costs for artists to get their big radio breaks, and it isn't cheap.

Coach K—whose label boasts artists like Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, Migos, and City Girls—was joined by his fellow Quality Control label head Pierre "Pee" Thomas and rapper 2 Chainz for a panel discussion during a session for the Summit. "Everything costs money, it’s the way of life," Coach K said. "So, with the music, it's another step to it. Like, if you're trying to break a record, and you want to take it all the way...I'll just give you guys some game. If you want to get your record on the radio, 'cause that's the first thing [an] artist, when you sign [them they’re like], 'So, when am I going to radio?' To take a record that y’all see on the radio become number one, that’s $200,000."

He may have wanted to give the audience some game, but that's about all he was willing to divulge. Coach K didn't share how that money is spent, but he's previously mentioned that he's paid to get QCM's artist's songs added to radio playlists. Do you think artists need $200K break into the radio market?